Float Valve Sub


Float Valve Sub



Float Valve Sub

Float Valve Sub is an important tool in petroleum exploration and drilling engineering. The float valve sub is connected at upper part of drill bit, the float valve assembly in sub is near the bit connecting thread and the float valve sub also can be necessary position of drill string. The main application is,when connect with single piece pipe, to prevent mud coming in, mud up returning and blocking hole. When blowout takes place,blowout in drill string will be avoided because nozzle is closed automatically by valve cap for float valve assembly .

When ordering please specify:

  1. Float valve type (Model F or Model G);
  2. Float valve size;
  3. Connection and O.D of sub.


Model Sub O.D.(mm) Joint connection Valve O.D.(mm) I.D.(mm)
FFJT241 241.3 7 5/8 REG ф121 ф76
FFJT228 228.6 7 5/8 REG ф121 ф76
FFJT209 209.6 6 5/8 REG ф121 ф76
FFJT203 203.2 6 5/8 REG ф121 ф71
FFJT178 177.8 4 1/2 IF ф98 ф71
FFJT165 165.1 4 1/2 REG ф88 ф57
FFJT146 146 4 1/2 REG ф88 ф57
FFJT121 121 3 1/2 REG ф61 ф51
FFJT108 108 3 1/2 REG ф61 ф38


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