API Drill Pipe Float Valve for Oil Drilling with Plunger and Flapper Type1 Buyer

Float valve is one of necessary tool for oil drilling, it consists of float valve sub and float valve, The main function are to prevent drill cuttings come into mud when connecting each joint and the bit bore block caused by back flow of silt. When the well blowout or kick, the valve cover of float valve turn off the bore automatically, it will prevent well blowout accident. The working pressure of float valve is supposed to be 5000psi or 10000psi. Float valve sub has two types:


The Model F is a plunger-type float valve that provides a positive instantaneous shut off, providing constant fluid control while drilling. This plunger-type float valve is a reliable and economical selection under standard drilling operations.


The Model G is a flapper-type float valve that, when opened, offers an unobstructed bore through the float valve. The uniquely designed flapper closes rapidly to prevent shavings from entering the drill string when circulation stops and also assists primary BOP equipment in maintaining internal pressure control. The valve will fully open when the first joint is raised from the hole, preventing pulling wet joints.






1. Available with a wide variety of sizes and end connections

2. Operating wrench and thread protectors included

3. Major repair kits available for every valve

4. Comes with certified test report

5. Identifiable open and close markings

6. Can be H2S corrosion resistant as per NACE MR0175

Valve Valve PN# Rubber Repair Kit PN# Metal Repair Kit PN#
1R, Model F FV31200 RR12200 MR29800
1F-2R, Model F FV31422 RR12300 MR11300
2F-3R, Model F FV32432 RR12400 MR11400
3F, Model F FV33400 RR12500 MR11500
3 1/2 IF, Model F FV33600 RR12600 MR11500IF
4R, Model F FV34200 RR12700 MR11700
4F, Model F FV34400 RR12800 MR11800
5R, Model F FV35200 RR12900 MR11900
5F-6R, Model F FV35462 RR13000 MR12000
1F-2R, Model G FV51422 RR88300 MR88400
2F-3R, Model G FV52432 RR13800 MR13200
3F, Model G FV53400 RR13900 MR13300
3 1/2 IF, Model G FV53600 RR82000 MR36700
4R, Model G FV54200 RR14000 MR13400
4F, Model G FV54400 RR14100 MR13500
5R, Model G FV55200 RR14200 MR13600
5F-6R, Model G FV55462 RR14300 MR13700
2F-3R, Model GA FV62432 RR13800 MR35000
3 1/2 IF, Model GA FV63600 RR82000 MR36700
4R, Model GA FV64200 RR14000 MR16000
4F, Model GA FV64400 RR14100 MR36800
5R, Model GA FV65200 RR14200 MR36900
5F-6R, Model GA FV65462 RR14300 MR34200



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