External Hook


External Hook

External Hook is a tool which used inside casings or tubings to catch a variety of ropes, lifting bail, short hollow cylindes, short rope slings, etc. such as wirelines, logging steel wire, cable, and so on.
In the process of use, the external hook will insert rope or other falling objects, when pick up drilling tool, hook tooth hooks falling objects and take to the ground.

Model Product Code O.D.(in) Connection For Casing/Tubing Size(in)
WG73 L23-7300 2-7/8 2-3/8 Tubing coupling 3-1/2 Tubing
WG95 L23-9500 3-3/4 NC26 4-1/2 Tubing
WG114 L23-11400 4-1/2 NC31 5-1/2 Casing
WG136 L23-13600 5-3/8 NC31 6-5/8 Casing
WG150 L23-15000 5-8/9 NC38 7 Casing
WG176 L23-17600 6-8/9 NC38 8-5/8 Casing
WG190 L23-19000 7-1/2 NC38 9-5/8 Casing



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