2” 1502 Pressure Relief Valve

The 2″ 1502 Pressure Relief Valve from DEENPU features an improved opening discharge area resulting in reduced erosion damage, while offering a reliable and cost effective repair kit for increased service life.


2” 1502 Pressure Relief Valve


DEENPU’s Pressure Relief Valves (PRV) are direct acting, relying on the system’s hydraulic pressure to open when the preset force of the spring is exceeded. The 2” valve’s operation is a simple balance between the spring loaded keeper which holds the ball in the seat and the inlet liquid pressure acting on the ball. The spring pressure is set by tightening the hex bolt on top which pushes on the keeper, and, in turn, compresses the Belleville springs that forces the keeper on the ball. When the inlet fluid pressure rises and overcomes the set spring pressure, the ball is lifted off its seat thereby discharging fluid through the outlet end. Once the pressure of the inlet fluid falls below the set spring pressure, the ball will be pushed back onto its seat and the fluid can pass downstream.

Desigin Features:

Union Connection mode, convenient installation and disassembly;

Use Spring to realize automatic opening and closing of valve,without downtime can pay the overpressure protection, performace is better than the shear pin type PRV;

Unloading pressure can be adjusted.

Main Technical Paramaters:

Size Range: 2″, 3″, 4″;

Working Pressure: 5000 PSI, 10000  PSI, 15000PSI;

Temperature Raiting: PU, LU, KU, PX;

Connection: 2″ Fig 1502 F x M, 3″ Fig 1502 F x M, or other Hammer Union connections are availibale.

Name Cold working pressure Connection type Buckle model
Safety valve
Relief valve
42Mpa(6000psi) Hammer Union M×M




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