Type YJF or JZF high pressure globe valve


Type YJF or JZF high pressure globe valve


The opening and closing parts of the high-pressure globe valve are plug shaped valves. The sealing surface is flat or conical. The valve moves in a straight line along the center line of the fluid.The movement of the stem is also in the form of a lifting rod (stem lift, handwheel lift), a lifting rotary rod (hand wheel and valve stem turn up and down together, the nut is set on the valve body).Globe valves are only suitable for full open and full closed, no regulation or throttling is allowed.


high pressure stop valve,flow control valve

1. Specially designed for hydraulic system
2. Hydraulic balance type spool with small opening force

3. High quality steel forging for valve

4. Nominal pressure 31.5Mpa

5. Coated with chrome on the valve surface

6. Good and reliable sealing performance,and small size

7. This product has pipe, flange, and disc connections

8. Suitable medium:mineral oil, water,glyco and other mixed liquid

9. Very competitive price

10. 1 year of warranty

11. Short delivery time


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