Thread protector

Thread protectors are caps and bushes used to protect threads and seals during loading, unloading, transportation and storage.

We can provide: rubber cap, plastic steel cap, all steel drill cap, all steel drill cap, plastic steel drill cap, plastic steel thread protector, all plastic thread protector, oil casing cap, steel pipe cap, oil pipe cap, etc.

We can provide different sizes of protectors according to the needs of our customers.


Thread protector


Classify by material: rubber, steel, plastic, steel-plastic combination.

A) Full steel: Protectors made of seamless or welded steel pipes by cold-forming or by stamping steel plates and then by cutting or rolling threading are suitable for long-term repeated use of drill rod protectors.

B) Full plastics: Protectors manufactured by injection process using plastics that meet the requirements;

C) Steel plastics: Protectors that are permanently combined with steel frames or metal reinforcements by injection processes using plastics that meet the requirements;

D) Steel-plastic combination: a protector that is formed by an injection process using a plastics that meets the requirements and assembled with a mechanically pressed method of another steel sleeve.

E) Rubber: Protectors manufactured by injection process using rubber that meets the requirements;


Our products include:

API Standard 2-7/8″ Reg Thread Protectors (YZF-C312)
API OCTG Thread Protectors for Casing, Tubing, Drill Pipe
Mining Tool Cheap Price API Steel Thread Protector Cap for Pin
Metal Plastic Thread Protectors for Drill Pipe Tubing and Casing OCTG
3 1/2 If Steel Thread Protectors for Drill Pipe
Customized Oilfield Thread Protectors (YZF-C100)
hammer union thread protectors


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