Single well double tubing wellhead device and oil (gas) tree

Two parallel oil pipes are installed in the same production casing, and two independent oil (gas) production channels are formed through the wellhead device.
The production of two oil and gas layers can be completed without drilling two wellbores.
Improve operating efficiency and reduce production costs.
The performance is stable and reliable.


Single well double tubing wellhead device and oil (gas) tree

6A Wellhead equipment and Christmas tree are essential for oil and gas exploitation, composed of casing head, tubing head and Christmas tree, used to connect casing string and tubing string, and seal the annular spaces between all casing pipes at all layers and between pipelines. In addition, it can be used not only to control wellhead pressure and adjust oil (gas) wellhead flow, but also for special operations, such as acid fracturing, water injection and testing, etc. It is made up of casing head, oil casing head and Christmas tree.

Dimensions 2-1/16″~4-1/16″
Pressure level 5000psi~15000psi
Material level AA~HH
Temperature level KU
Specification level PSL1~PSL3G
Performance level PR1~PR2



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