Shearing Ram Top And Front Seal


Shearing Ram Top And Front Seal Api 16a Bop Rubber Accessories

    BOP is shut in the well for oil testing, workover, well completion and operating process to prevent the blowout accident, totally

enclosed and semi-closed two functions into one, has a simple structure, easy to operate, resistant to high-pressure
characteristics is used to prevent blowouts safety oilfield sealing wellhead.

Oil drilling, installed at the wellhead casing head, used to control the high pressure oil, gas, water blowout. Wells of oil and
gas pressure is high, the BOP can be the wellhead closed (shut).
   The shutter has four, alternatively bullied invaded mud,increasing the pressure of the borehole fluid column, so as to suppress the high-pressure oil and gas discharged from the drill
pipe is pressed into the heavy mud.
Its type sub-ordinary blowout preventer, of universal blowout preventers and rotating blowout preventer. Ordinary BOP ram with
full-and semi-closure, full closure type blowout preventer can seal the entire wellhead; semi-sealed shut wellhead annular
cross-section of drill pipe exists.
    Universal BOP can start in case of emergency to cope with any size drill and empty wells.
                                   Working pressure
                              2000psi-15000psi(14 Mpa-105Mpa)
Operating temperature
Bore size
7 1/16″-21 1/4″
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Company Profile
Jiangsu Deenpu Petrochemical Machinery Co.,Ltd is located in China Petroleum equipment manufacturing base in yan cheng city private industrial park, Jiangsu. Major Products: blowout preventer and accessories; Choke and kill manifold; Choke and Kill Hose; Control Panel; Wellhead & Christmas Tree; Valves; Test Pump; Bop Control Unit ; Union/ Swivel Joint/ Fitting; Flange; Spool; Packing element; etc



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