Shaffer Pipe Ram Rubbers


Variable Ram Packer Api 16a Shaffer Cameron Bop Rubber Top And Front Sealing Element

A kind of size of the packing element can be applied to several different size of the drill tools, especially suitable for
combination tool and hexagonal drill pipe , There is no need to change ram frequently for different size of drill tools in the
whole process.
BOP Size and Working Pressure
Pipe Size Range
Matched Manufacturers
2 7/8″-5″
All BOP Manufacturers in domestic
13 5/8″-5,000psi
2 7/8″-5″
3 1/2″-5 1/2″
13 5/8″-10,000psi
2 7/8″-5″
3 1/2″-5 1/2″
Company Profile
Jiangsu Deenpu Petrochemical Machinery Co.,Ltd is located in China Petroleum equipment manufacturing base in yan cheng city private industrial park, Jiangsu. Major Products: blowout preventer and accessories; Choke and kill manifold; Choke and Kill Hose; Control Panel; Wellhead & Christmas Tree; Valves; Test Pump; Bop Control Unit ; Union/ Swivel Joint/ Fitting; Flange; Spool; Packing element; etc


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