• Length of the Lubricator Riser could be customized according to working condition.
  • Drilling fluid, frac acidizing fluid, oil, gas and water can be working media.
  • Connection end of the Lubricator Riser could be flange or union.
  • Our Lubricator Riser is designed and manufactured according to API 16A.



Lubricator sections are pressure retaining cylinders used during well intervention operations, for tool deployment. Sections can be made-up together with an appropriate sealing de

vice, to form an effectual operating height to retain the tool string complete with sub-surface deployment tool being run or Retrieved from the well.

Size: 3 ~ 9 in

Length: 3 ~ 20 ft

Working Pressure: 5000 psi, 10000 psi, 15000 psi

Service: Standard, Sour Gas

Temperature range: -29 ~ 121 °C

Connection: Quick union or API flange


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