​Fluid End Module

The mud pump module is forged by high-quality alloy steel 35CrMo or 40CrMnMo. It has no defects such as interlayer, crack, impurity, looseness and over-burning. Welding is not allowed. The product is in full compliance with API7K standard and is inspected according to the third-grade forging and internal hardening treatment, high durability.Inner wall hardness reaches HB285-330 while mechanical properties can reach: σ b≥850/MPC, σS≥670/MPC, δ≥15% ψ≥13%. Above process is strictly checked and strict non-destructive testing.



​Fluid End Module


Our fluid end modules are completely interchangeable with the OEM, such as National, Emsco, Gardner Denver, Bomco, Ideco, Oilwell…triplex mud pumps.

Manufactured to the highest quality, the best performance and durability.

They can come in one or two piece configuration with design pressure up to 7,500 psi.

We also offer two piece “L” shaped fluid ends modules.

The two-piece cylinder fluid end modules permit quick removal and installation. 

The L-shaped two-piece fluid-end was adopted into the market , because it was an obvious improvement over one piece modules. Since the suction module is separate from the discharge module, it is possible to replace the suction module when it wears out instead of replacing the entire fluid end. 

Material:  high quality alloy steel 4135 with strict forging and heat treatment processes


Completely interchangeable with OEM

Premium forged alloy steel

Made on CNC boring mills

Strict heat treatment

Rigid inspection

Pump we can supply
No. Brand Type of Mud Pump Remark
1 Emsco F-500
2 F-800/1000
3 FB-1300/1600
4 Gardner-Denver PZ-7/8/9
5 PZ-10/11
8 PE-5
9 National Oil well 7P-50 Suction & Discharge Modules
10 8P-80
11 9P-100
12 10P-130
13 12P-160
14 A-850/1100/1400/1700-PT Integrate & Split Module
15 Ideco T-500/800/1000
16 T-1300/1600
17 LS NOW 3NB-1000C
18 3NB-1300C/1600



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