Hydraulic jar

  • Designed and manufactured according to API spec 7-1.
  • Tool is anti-torque and can work with motor.
  • Tool length is short, small diameter, less wear in the downhole.
  • The same tool can change the components and the direction of the outer cylinder to realize up or down jar.
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Hydraulic jar

Hydraulic jar (up / down) designed to use accelerator and flow sub form a coiled tubing short heavy string. The Jar delay device let the energy stored in the stretched and elongated string accelerator, when the energy released will have a great impact, generating shock effect, loose card tool stuck.

Techanical Specification
Type O.D.
Max. UpwardJarring Force
Max. DownwardJarring Force
BZ121 121(4-3/4) 50.8(2) NC38 450 230 6356(250)
BZ159 159(6-1/4) 57.2(2-1/4) NC50 630 360 7265(286)
BZ165 165(6-1/2) 57.2(2-1/4) NC50 630 360 7265(286)
BZ196 196(7-3/4) 71.4(2-13/16) 6-5/8REG 820 460 7062(287)
BZ203 203(8) 71.4(2-13/16) 6-5/8REG 820 460 7062(287)


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