Diesel generator set

Generator Set

  • Can be used in oil drilling, offshore drilling, mining and other areas.
  • The generator can be different brand according to customer request.


Diesel generator set

Diesel generator sets, diesel generators are the combination of diesel engines and generators that have generated electricity, using diesel as fuel. In oil drilling, the most used is the 12V190 unit of CNPC.


There are several main components: 1. Crank and connecting rod system, fuel supply system, lubricating system, cooling system, starting system, block assembly, etc.


Model Z8V190 Z8V190-1 Z8190-2 Z12V190 Z12V190B-1 Z12V190B-2
Type Four-stroke, direct-injection combustion chamber, water-cooled, supercharged, air-cooled
Cylinder rank V type(60°)
QTY Cylinder 8 12
Cylinder dia. (mm) 190
Piston stroke (mm) 210
total displacement (L) 47.6 71.5
reduction ratio 13.5
Rated speeding (rpm) 1500 1200 1000 1500 1200 1000
Min. stable speed(rpm) 600
fuel consumption (g/kw.h) <210
oil consumption (g/kw.h) <1.63
Rated power(kw) 12h power 588.4 (580) 470.7 (640) 389.8(530) 882.6(1200) 735.5(1000) 588.4(800)
continuous power 529.6(720) 426.6(580) 353(480) 794.3(1080) 662(900) 529.06(720)


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