Cementing Plug


Cementing Plug


Cementing plug also called wiper plug is a rubber plug used to separate the drilling mud from other fluids. There are two types of cementing plugs, bottom plug and top plug. Non-rotating type and common type are two options for customers. We provide non-rotating type plugs that have locking teeth on both the top and bottom plugs and float collars, allowing the plugs to lock together during drill-out.




Common type cementing plugs


Common type top and bottom cementing plugs are manufactured with graded rubber that is fused onto a composite or aluminum core. Top cementing plug can be used when a dual plug system is not required and bottom cementing plug can be used when a dual plug system is required.



Non-rotating cementing plugs

Non-rotating top and bottom cementing plugs are designed to decrease drill out time. Non-rotating cementing plugs have the reinforced locking teeth that are built into the plugs. The plugs are made of high quality rubber with a plastic core inside. No metal parts are used.


Features and Benefits:

PDC Drillable

Size from 4.5” to 20”

Phenolic Resin core or aluminum core are available

Casing size(in) casing weight range Wiper Fin O.D
mm in mm in
4 1/2″ 14.14-17.26 9.50-11.60 110 4.331
5″ 17.11-35.86 11.50-24.10 122 4.803
5 1/2″ 20.83-39.88 14.00-26.80 135 5.315
7″ 25.30-56.55 17.00-38.00 170 6.693
7 5/8″ 35.72-63.69 24.00-42.00 185 7.283
9 5/8″ 53.57-79.62 36.00-53.50 235 9.252
10 3/4″ 60.27-97.77 40.50-65.70 260 10.236
13 3/8″ 71.43-107.15 48.00-72.00 333 13.110
20″ 139.89-197.93 94.00-133.00 498 19.606


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