Casing Centralizer

  • All products conform to API 10D production specifications.
  • Our product can be run in vertical, highly-deviated and horizontal wells.
  • We can produce all types of centralizers: solid body type, positive type, welded spiral type, non-welded type, double bow type and so on.
  • All products are equipped with stop rings.



Casing Centralizer is a device used to place the casing at the center of the hole so as to improve the efficiency of the cementing. It is an important device because if the Casing Centralizer touches the formation at any part of the hole, then cement slurry does not pass through the area of the contact resulting in a poor cementing job.

Techanical Specification

Type: Solid Rigid Type, Positive Type, Welded Spiral Type, Non-Welded Type, Double Bow type

Casing Size O.D.: 4-1/2 ~ 20 in (114 ~ 508 mm)

Hole Size O.D.: 6 ~ 26 in (165 ~ 680 mm)

Standard: API Spec. 10D


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