API Oilfield Mud Bucket for 3-1/2 Drill Pipes

Mud bucket is used to trip out in the course of drilling well. After Kelly or drill pipe is screwed off at the time of tripping out, much drill fluid will spurt to drill floor, which not only make operation condition dirt but also waste drill fluid. Mud bucket can completely eliminate mud spurting.



API Oilfield Mud Bucket for 3-1/2 Drill Pipes


Mud-Saver improves operations safety by preventing slick floors that can lead to crew accidents. Eliminating drill spillage onto the rig floor also reduces crew clean-up time and cuts wash-water disposal volumes. In addition, it allows more precise monitoring of hole-fill volume, thus providing superior pressure control.

Mud-Saver fits all drill pipe sizes from 3-1/2″ to 6-5/8″, as well as production tubing from 2-3/8″ to 3-1/2″. Inserts for each pipe can be installed in less than 2 minutes and change-out requires no special tools. All tool parts are inherently inert to normal drilling fluids and are fabricated from materials which guarantee durability and low maintenance.

Model Apply to drill pipe Outside OD mm(inch)
(inch) mm(inch)
FP 2-3/8 2002/3/8 273 1873
FP 2-7/8 2002/7/8 273 1873
FP 3-1/2 2003/1/2 273
FP 4 4 273
FP 4-1/2 2004/1/2 273
FP 5 5 273
FP 5-7/8 2005/7/8 273
FP 5-1/2 2005/1/2 273
FP 6-5/8 2006/5/8 273 1873



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