API 7K Frame Flat Drilling Mud Mesh Screen Mesh Shale Shaker Screen

Separate detrimental drilled solids from drilling fluid with an advanced shale shaker screen frame design and unique mesh combinations.

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Shaker Screen


Frame Flat drilling mud mesh screen mesh shale shaker screen Replacement Shale Shaker Screen

1.Convenience and rapidness: It can be rapidly tensioned and disassembled by the wedge block to facilitate convenient and rapid installation and disassembly.

2.Uniform stress: It is pre-tensioned on the lining plate to make the stress on the surface of the screen cloth uniform

3.Strong capacity through the screen: The layered screen cloths are rationally matched with the support screen cloth, which brings more superior processing effect

4.Rapid repair, time saving and cost saving: The screen cloth is divided into vertical small grids to prevent excessive diffusion by meshes in the lining plate on account of partial damage of the screen by the meshes in the lining plate. The special screens are provided for repairing the breakage, which can save the operation time, prolong the useful life and reduce the use cost

1.The specific size and details of the screen can be adjusted according to user requirements
2.The number of screen can be chosen between the specifications of 10-325 accord,ng to user requirements

Material SS304,SS316
Dimension/mm 1053*697
Net weight/kg 6.5
Mesh range 20-325



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