Multi-parameter Drilling Workover Instrumentation System

Multi-parameter Drilling Workover Instrumentation System

Application Areas

 Multi-parameter Drilling Workover Instrumentation System is designed and manufactured for tractor hoist. It measures and displays variation of such parameters as hook load, weight on bit, tong torque, height of traveling block and well depth in order to assist drillers to master working status of tractor hoist.

    The system mainly consists of driller s console and CAN bus sensor; the driller s console mainly consists of a built-in PC/104 computer and a touch-screen LCD.


1. It is compact, highly integrated, and enjoys easy installation and excellent adaptability.
        2. It can run on both AC and DC power supplies, and can work within a wide range of voltage; therefore, it is especially suitable for field operation.
        3. Equipped with a built-in PC/104 industrial control computer, all the data can be acquired and processed in a reliable way.
        4. Mnitoring software can acquire, display and save various parameters and assist in setting alarming thresholds of relevant parameters and realizing acoustic and optical alarm.
        5. Touch-screen LCD, human-machine dialog operation and best visual effect.
        6. Acquired data can be transmitted to command center at base via GPRS so that users can monitor working status of rig in real time.
        7. As all the composing parts of the system are connected through CAN bus, it is easy to conduct field installation,adjustment and maintenance.
        8. The system enjoys excellent stability, strong anti-jamming capacity and long-term trouble-free service.

Technical Specifications 

Parameter Measuring Range Accuracy
Hook load and Weight on bit 0~500×10kN ±1.5%F.S
Tong torque 0~100kN(in tail line pull) ±2.5%F.S
Drilling depth 0~9999.9m
Relative humidity 0~90%
Working voltage 85~264VAC 47~63Hz 9~36VDC
Working Temperature -30~70℃

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