Application Area

Industrial Monitoring System is a system developed and produced for various drilling rigs and other places that need to be monitored. It can meet the requirements of drillers for real-time, dynamic, visual monitor of some important parts at well site as mud pumps, drums of the drawworks, monkey board, and etc. It can display the working status of the drilling rig,and save, play back monitoring pictures so as to guarantee the safe operation of the rig, improve drilling efficiency, ensure drilling quality and reduce production cost. The system is especially useful during tripping operation. With the help of the system, the driller does not need to look up difficultly the position of the traveling block or make sure if it has reached the monkey board, so the system can efficiently reduce labor intensity and improve controlling accuracy.

Main Technical Specifications    1. Working temperature: -40~70℃
    2. Relative humidity: 0~90%RH
    3. Power supply from acquisition and controlling box: AC220V±10% 50HZ±10%: Power: 60W.
    4. Definition of the camera: 600 TV Lines
    5. Image sensor:1/4″ color chip, CCD, four cameras
    6. Magnification: 22×optical, 16×digital(total: 352×)
    7. Horizontal rotation of cradle head: 350°; vertical rotation: ±120°
    8. Digital hardware video record


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