Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Usage and Main functions

    Model SEM-1 Electromagnetic Flowmeter is a high-resolution subsurface flow-testing tools designed according to the principle of electromagnetic induction. It is powered by battery and can perform test on slick line. During the test operation, it is positioned in the center of the casing by upper and lower centralizers. The flow rate of each formation in water injection well can be derived by testing the speed of the center flow. The test data can be processed into individual formation water injection test card, individual formation water injection curves and the final report.

    Model SEM-1 Electromagnetic Flow meter can perform test on the basis of two methods: flux collection method and non-collection method. There are no movable mechanical elements in the flow sensor. The flowmeter adopts internationally fashionable calibration method, and can play back test data without power supply. Therefore it enjoys easy operation, good reliability, high resolution, jamming-free performance, low zero drift and wide test range. It can satisfy the test needs of off-center water injection, hollow water injection and casing package water injection. It is mainly used to :
    (1) Test the individual formation water injection flux.
    (2) Check the water leakage.


Model SEM-1 Electromagnetic Flow meter consists of upper centralizer, lower centralizer, flow sensor, PCB, battery package, CCL, seal test section.


Test range: 5~500m3/day (in the tube of 2.5 inches)
         Accuracy: ±2% F·S
         Working temperature: 120°C
         Max. working pressure: 50Mpa
         Memory capacity: 8000 points
         Dimensions: ø43×1600mm ø38×1600mm
         Weight: 8Kg

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