Downhole Pressure Gauge

Downhole Pressure Gauge


    Model KPG32 is designed to measure downhole pressure in various oil wells and water wells.

Features    It is characterized by high accuracy, reliable performance, a complete line of pressure gauges and clocks, simple operation and easy maintenance. Its consumables and accessories are interchangeable with other PG Type pressure gauges.

Specifications         Uncertainty: ±0.2%F·S
         Maximum working pressure: 138.7MPa
         Maximum working temperature: 150°C
         Its clock series (hour): 2,3,4,6,12,24,48,72,96,120,144,168,180,360
         Measuring ranges of gauges (MPa): 0–10 0–15 0–138.7
         Dimensions: ø32×1880
         Weight: 7Kg

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