Diesel Engine High Pressure Cleaning Equipment


Diesel Engine High Pressure Cleaning Equipment

Model: DP-415/200
Rate Pressure: 200bar; Water flow:415 L/min
Water flow: 415 L/min
Electric power:


Name    Details
Model    DP-415/200
Inpurt speed    1480 rpm
High pressure pump    Made In China
Pump speed    366 rpm
Stock    120 mm
Rate Pressure    200 bar / 2900 psi
Water flow    415 L/min
Plunger dia.    65mm
Diesel engine    250HP,cummins


  1. Maine Machine include:

Name    Details Quantity
High pressure pump    200bar; 415L/min; 1 set
Pressure regulating valve    0-200bar can be adjust 1 pc
Safety valve 1 pc
Pressure gauge    Data 0-200bar 1 pc
Diesel engine    250HP,cummins 1 set
Storage Battery    24V 1 set
Coupling    Connect the diesel engine with the pump 1 set
Hose Reel 1 set
Ball Valve    Control the nozzle working 1 set
Y-type Filter    Water inlet filter 1 set
Movable chassis    With 4 wheels, easy to be moved 1 set

  2. Accessories:




High pressure hose    Bear Pressure 20Mpa 80 meters
Sewer cleaning nozzle 5pcs
Spare Part 1 set


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