JZ-Z180 Clipper Weight Indicator

JZ-Z180 Clipper Weight Indicator


    JZ-Z180 Tension weight Indicator is a kind of instrument which is compatible with various versions workover rigs to indicate the variation of hookload and weight on bit during well drilling and well service, to help drillers judge the operation situation of drilling tools and obtain working parameters of drilling rigs and workover rigs.

Constitution    JZ-Z180 Weight Indicator systems mainly consist of a JZ-Z.1 sensator and a JZ-Z weight indicator.


  1.  Wireline size: Φ26
  2. Maximum deadline load: 180kN
  3. Output pressure error of sensator: ±2.0%FS
  4. Allowable error of weight indicator: ±1.5%FS
  5. Allowable error of weight indicating system:
         ±3.0%FS (The sensator matches the weight indicator)
         ±5.0%FS (Exchange the sensator and the weight indicator)
  6.  No leakage happens on the hoseline system under the maximum working pressure
  7.  Working temperature: -40~50℃

Note: The pressure transmission media is 45# transformer oil

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