Stop Collar

  • Deenpu Petro offers both hinged and slip-on style of stop collars in all sizes.
  • The force of hinged stop collar can hold up to 15,000 lb.
  • The force of slip-on set-screw stop collar can hold up to 20,000 lb.
  • We can supply stop collar in all sizes.
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Stop Collar is also called limit ring, stop ring, brake ring and so on. Used to limit the sliding of the centralizer or cement umbrella on the inner casing. There are slip-on stop collar, hinged spiral nail stop collar, hinged bolted stop collar and hinged set screw stop collar and so on.

Techanical Specification

Type: slip-on, hinged spiral nail, hinged bolted, hinged set screw

Casing size O.D.: 4-1/2 ~ 20 in (114~ 508 mm)

Stop collar size O.D.: 131 ~ 540 mm

Stop collar height: 50 ~ 210 mm


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