XLH-200 turn-flow amalgamate apparatus


XLH-200 turn-flow amalgamate apparatus


XLH-200 turn-flow amalgamate apparatus is a new mixing apparatus which can perform quick and homogeneous mixing but consumes less energy.It is mainly used to quickly and homogeneously mix drilling fluid and its additives.The fluid flows into the in-barrel at the tangential direction with high speed from the inlet pipe,and additives are cast into in-barrel from the funnel at the same time then,the fluid turns and amalgamates with additives at a high speed after that,the mixture flows into out-barrel and continues amalgamate,and finally

flows into drilling fluid system from outlet pipe of the amalgamate apparatus.Its major characteristic that additives of drilling fluid,e.g.barite powder,bentonite,salt,slurry and chemical additives,etc.will be completely and homogeneously mixed with drilling fluid before entering the drilling fluid system improves the quality of drilling fluid,fully plays the function of additives,reduces consumption of additives,saves the cost of slurry,accelerates feeding and strengthens the mixing capability…..


Specifications of XLH turn-flow amalgamate apparatus
   Inlet drainage      150
   Inlet head      ≥38 m
   Diameter of funnel      900 mm
   Diameter of inlet      150 mm
   Diameter of outlet      150 mm
   Motor power of mixing pump      55 kW
   Amalgamate speed      Not lower than 300Kg/min for barite; not lower than 150Kg/min for bentonite
   Weight      700 kg
   Outline dimensions      950×950×1070



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