Oriented Bent Sub

Oriented sub is a major power deflection tool having a fixed angle αdeviated from low end thread of the bent sub to axial line of drill stem, the power drill tool under the application of oriented sub give the bit a constant lateral force to ensure that the bit can cut on the well wall laterally and further drill into a curved well trace.

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Oriented Bent Sub



Oriented sub is a special device for indirect orientation method to convey the orientation relationship between the orienter and the slanting device. It is characterized in that an orientation mark (such as an orientation key) is disposed thereon. When in use, the directional joint is inserted into the hole with the slanting device, and the subsequent directional directional device establishes a fixed relationship with the slanting device through the slanting device (for example, the shovel and the directional key are automatically aligned), thereby realizing the slanting Orientation of the appliance. When the directional joint and the slanting device are connected to the ground, it is necessary to accurately measure the fit difference and count it into the determination of the tool face angle.


Oilfields are buried in mountains with complex terrain such as mountains, towns, forests, marshes, lakes, rivers, etc., or when well site installations and moving installations encounter obstacles, directional wells are usually drilled near them.

Directional wells are often used in complex layers, salt domes, and faults that are difficult to pass through straight wells.

Technical Specification:

Specifications – Oriented Bent Sub
Model Product Code 0. D.mm(in) Connection Bent Angle (Degree) I. D. of Oriented Sleeve (mm)
Box Pin
DZT89 J0802010 89 (3 1/2) NC26 NC26 36
DZT105 J0804010 105 (4 1/8) NC31 NC31 36
DZT127 J0807010 127⑸ NC38 NC38 36
DZT159 J0808010 159 (6 1/4) NC46 NC46 50
DZT165 J0809010 165 (6 1/2) NC50 NC50 50
DZT178 J0812010 178(7) 51/2 FH 51/ 2FH 50
DZT203 J0814010 203 (8) 6 5/8 REG 6 5/8 REG 50



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