Operation Bop Console


Operation Bop Console

One: Usage
It is used for the hydraulic control fro underground operation BOP,which can control the open/close of the full ram BOP,half-ram BOP and annular BOP so as to remain the safety of workover BOP during the procuction.

Two: Illustration of type

Three: Technology parameter
(1)Piston pump:Max pressure 31.5MPa,Working pressure 25MPa;
(2)Ambient temperature:-200C-+600C
(3)Anti-explosion motor:5.5KW;380VAC
(4)Accumulator capacity:64L; pressure:31.5MPa;
(5)Working pressure adjustment scope:10.5~21Mpa
(6)Control interface(quick nipple):Z1″;
(7)Test liquid:in summer,YA-N68;YA46 in winter.
Four: Outline Dimensions
Length*width*high 1200*950*1350


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