Cameron Shear Ram Rubbers


FZ 35-105 Oilfield Well Bop Shearing Ram Side Seal Api 16a Blowout Preventer Type Cameron Rubber Accessories


     The product can match and interchange most of domestic BOP manufactories, (such as Shanghai Shenkai, Huabei Rongsheng, Chuanyou
Jingkong, Baoji Oil,Jiangsu Xinde, Jiangsu Sanyi, etc). Over the years usage in the oil fields, it has been proved that all the
technical requirements and performance of our products can reach the standards of shaffer and Cameron Ram Packer for replacement.It can be customized according to customers’ specific requirements of temperature, pressure and environment conditions.

Temperature Range:—45 ℃~180℃

                                                                          Bop Size and Pressure
9″-10,000psi/15,000psi series
11″-10,000psi series
11″-15,000psi series
13 5/8″-10,000psi series
13 5/8″-15,000psi series
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Company Profile
Jiangsu Deenpu Petrochemical Machinery Co.,Ltd is located in China Petroleum equipment manufacturing base in yan cheng city private industrial park, Jiangsu. Major Products: blowout preventer and accessories; Choke and kill manifold; Choke and Kill Hose; Control Panel; Wellhead & Christmas Tree; Valves; Test Pump; Bop Control Unit ; Union/ Swivel Joint/ Fitting; Flange; Spool; Packing element; etc



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