Fill In Circulate Tools

Fill In Circulate Tools

  • The tool is easy to operation, safe and reliable. No leakage when working.
  • Different type available for each size of the tubular.
  • Quality assured with the National best.
  • Short on deliver time.


Fill In Circulate Tools

  • Fill and Circulate Tool (FAC Tool) is a surface tool used during the casing running operation. The FAC Tool is designed to both fill the casing with drilling fluid while running it in the hole and to enable quick circulation of the casing string at any time without installation of a casing swage. The FAC Tool has features with easy-to-use, safe and reliable, no leakage and so on, which lightens labor intensity of workers greatly and improves operation environment of well.FAC Tool is available for top drive. Joint is a standard 41/2IF drill pipe connector, but it may adapt top drive connector of other standard through changing joint (special connector shall be illustrated when ordering goods). The FACT Tool may come in two tool sizes, Large (L-FAC) and Medium (M-FAC) so as to adapt different pipe diameters, and different sizes may adapt pipe diameter at any size though changing seal assembly.
  • Model Casing Seal assembly(Mark)
    Size(in) Weight Inner diameter Seal retainer Sealing element Gauge ring
    7” 23 161.7 L-7” L-7”-23# L-7
    9 5/8″ 53.5 216.79 L-9 5/8” L-9 5/8”-53.5# L-9 5/8”
    10 3/4” 55.5 247.9 L-10 3/4” L-10 3/4”-55.5# L-10 3/4”
    13 3/8” 72 313.61 L-13 3/8” L-13 3/8”-72# L-13 3/8”
    20” 106.5 482.6 L-20” L-20”-106.5# L-20”
    5 1/2”-7″
    Casing Seal assembly(Mark)
    Size Weight Inner diameter Seal retainer Sealing element Gauge ring
    Feb-51 23 118.62 M-5 1/2” M-5 1/2”-23# M-5 1/2”
    6 5/8″ 32 144.15 M6 5/8” M-6 5/8”-32# M-6 5/8”
    7” 26 159.41 M-7” M-7”-26# M-7”


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