Fig 50 Hammer union  



Hammer union

importing international advanced technology, is forged with high-strength alloy steel, strict heat treatment process can ensure that the union     have uniform metallurgical structure and pressing ability and the material meets ASTM and AISI Standard and the technology indexes conform to API Spec 6A, the product adopts some end connections of pipeline thread, tubing thread, butt-weld and compress-seal.

The type mainly consists of: fig100, fig200, fig206, fig207,fig400, fig602, fig1002, fig1003, fig1502.

Fig 50. Orange Nut – Orange Subs

These low pressure and suction union of Fig-50 are made from carbon steel. The nut and O-ring are common in both sizes. Available in 4″ or 5″ sizes in threaded & socket welded connection. These union    s are suitable for 500 PSI wp.

Nominal pipe size Total length Nut radius Material Weight
in mm in mm in mm nut subs lbs kgs
5 127 5 1/2 139.7 5 1/4 133.35 CF SF 23.8 10.08


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