Drilling Fluid Manifold


Drilling Fluid Manifold

Wellhead Drilling Fluid Manifold 4″ x 10000psi
Wellhead Mud Manifold 4″x10000psi Drilling Fluid Manifold

Brief of the drilling fluid manifold / Wellhead Mud manfold
Drilling fluid manifold is to collect the high-pressure drilling fluid discharged by mud pump, and delivered the mud to the well and mud gun through the pump manifold and the high-ressure riser, which can realize the positive and negative circulation of drilling mud and other various working conditions.

Specification of the Drilling Fluid Manifold

The matching drilling machine type ZJ30,ZJ40,ZJ45,ZJ50,ZJ70 ZJ90,ZJ120
Working pressure 35MPa,52.5MPa 70MPa
Nominal Diameter 2″,3″,4″,5″
Working medium Oil, gas, water, mud, cement
Connection type Union, Flange


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