Drilling Field Analysis instrument Two-Speed Viscometer


Drilling field Analysis instrument Two-Speed Viscometer
Drilling field Analysis instrument Two-Speed Viscometer
No. Technical Specification
1 Power Supply AC100V-240V;50Hz
2 Motor Power 120W
4 Speed Range HTD13145:3,6,100,200,300,600r/min
6 Measuring Accuracy 1~25 mPa·s: ±1 mPa·s(Newtonian Fluid)
Above 25 mPa·s:  ±4%  (Newtonian Fluid)
7 Viscosity Measuring Range Newtonian Fluid:  0~300mPa.s (F1 Measure component)
                             0~60mPa.s (F0.2 Measure component) 
Non-Newtonian Fluid:0~150 mPa.s (F1 Measure component)
                                   0~30 mPa.s (F0.2 Measure component)
Shear Stress:  0~153.3Pa (F1 Measure component)
                        0~30.7Pa (F0.2 Measure component)
8 Net Weight / Gross Weight 6.22kg/8.08kg
9 Overall Dimensions 300×290×440mm
10 Packing Size 560×425×265mm


Model HTD13145/13185 rotational viscometers are direct-reading instruments which are available in six-speed and twelve-speed designs for use on either 50Hz or 60Hz electrical power. The power source is 100~240V. All models are fitted with a standard transformer.

Model HTD13145/13185 rotational viscometers are coaxial cylinder rotational viscometer. In this viscometer, the test fluid is contained in the annular space (shear gap) between an outer cylinder and the bob (inner cylinder).



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