11″ 3000psi Double Ram Bop with shear bonnet


11″ 3000psi Double Ram Bop with shear bonnet

Double Ram Type ‘U’, 11” 3,000 psi Blowout Preventer. Flanged top & flanged bottom connections, 11” 3,000 psi w/Rx53 ring grooves, w/(2) 2-1/16” 3,000 psi w/RX24 ring grooves & (2) 3-1/8” 3,000 psi w/RX31 ring grooves flanged side outlets, c/w blank flanges installed, the upper ram cavity c/w standard bore bonnet and manual locking screw. The lower ram cavity w/large bore shear bonnet withTandem Booster. Temp. class: T -20 (-20°F to 250°F) (The BOP is Cameron design ram type u bop). The BOP’s dimensions: Lenght – 4054mm, Width:1002.3mm, Height – 1254mm, Weight – 6.8 ton (est)

• Nuts, bolts & ring gaskets for use on BOP (See below for  items)
One set Ram Bop include of below bolts, nuts, ring gasket
Bolt, Bonnet 2.5″ X  8UN-13.75″
Stud, 1  1/4″ X 8UN X 5 1/8″
Bolt, large  bore Bonnet
stud,  7/8″ X 9UNC X 6.32″
Stud, 1  1/4″-8UN-5 1/8″
Bolt-Adapter  Flange
Nut, 1  1/4″-8UN
Nut,  7/8″-9UNC
Nut, 1  1/4″-8UN
Ring Gasket,  RX53
Ring Gasket,  RX31
Ring Gasket,  RX24
• Pipe ram to have locking mechanism.
• One set of shearing blind ram assy


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